What am I going to do?

Ever since I’ve gotten to know about this assignment/ project, I was stunned.

“What on earth am I going to do? And what can I make that is challenging yet doable with the amount of time that I have until the PoL?”

James Humberstone, our lecturer for TME had provided us with various examples that the past years’ students have done for this project. But not many past examples on the list he has provided us had intrigued my interest. After all, I’m the one who has to make it!

So, I thought of other ideas I could possibly do for this project:

  1. Make a rhythm game app with levels and points (sort of like Candy Crush in terms of gaining points and advancing to the next level)
  2. Make an iBook (interactive story book)
  3. Make an electronic piano out of wood that is connected to a sensor
  4. Or create an interactive website as an eLearning resource

After a week, I realised that making a game app was really hard (not the making process of the game itself!). So that idea was scrapped out of my list.

Creating an iBook was also out of my list as I’ve already explored how to make an iBook from CME Assignment 2. Also, I wanted this whole project to be challenging- something that I’ve never created before.

Electronic piano sounded like a great idea at the time but the sensor that I needed to create this project estimated that I would get the equipment on the 10th of November. I thought this arrival date was too late as I needed time to get to know the equipment and check that it was working well. (Similar idea to this, https://makeymakey.com/blogs/how-to-instructions/creating-a-guitar-in-scratch-or-soundplant)

Similar to this idea except not connect to a computer program like Scratch (instead a sensor)

I wasn’t really interested with the idea of making an eLearning resource because there was soooo many out there that have done an outstanding job.

So, as you can see, I ran out of things I really wanted to create. I just wanted to find something I genuinely wanted to create and develop myself, rather than for the purpose of this project.

After sleeping on this project for a couple of days, I had the perfect idea.

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