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Having completed my primary school practicum placement last year, I’ve learnt that students loved the idea of using technology to learn and discover new musical concepts.

It was amazing to see these students coming to music class each lesson and asking me if I’ve prepared a Kahoot game for them. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love making and playing Kahoot.

But, I thought to myself, “there so many musical games and activities that we can do with technology!”

Luckily for me, this particular school had great resources. E.g. x8 iPads for every classroom (for group activities only) and a computer room for the whole class to use upstairs etc.

At this point, I had a few days left before I finished my practicum placement. I didn’t want to leave them without showing the students the power of music technology.

In the 2 week block, I’ve realised that these students (specifically K- 2) loved drawing – with colour and without colour. The teacher introduced them to graphic notation (of course, not explaining what it is in detail) and in response, the students went on their merry way in drawing everything they heard from the audio she has provided them. However, the activity was done with no technology.

So what is my next step?

Photo from:

After watching the animation that I’ve created, students will:

  1. Watch The Music Show Episode #1: The Beat is the Heart of Music introduces drum beats, which links from my animation. Also, it is easy for students to follow and sing)
  2. In groups of 4, students play Drum Beats on Primary Games ( highest number of points each group gets is the winner
  3. In the same groups, students compose their own drum beats on Garageband using the iPad.
  4. Save their work.
  5. Wow! An original composition has been created!

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