Part 2- Adjusting and syncing audio

Now that I’ve completed recording myself with the different voices and effects for each character, it was time to adjust and sync the audio to the animation.

Before I uploaded the audio files onto Renderforest, I had to first adjust the volume and quality of the audio through Garageband.

Scene 33- Recording/ audio of my voice and the guitar (composed from Soundtrap)
Scene 52- Voice recordings of all 4 characters saying “Bye” at the same time.

All was going good until I clicked on the ‘preview’ button.

After clicking on the ‘preview’ button and checking that everything was in sync and flowed from one storyboard to the other, I’ve realised something was terribly wrong. The volume wasn’t adjusting accordingly. In other words, my background music turned out to be a lot louder than the voice recordings I’ve created (which was really weird as I’ve adjusted this on Garageband).

After checking that the volume was adjusted in all my voice recordings on Garageband, I felt really confused as to why it wasn’t working on my animation.

A few days later, I came up with a solution.

‘What if I change the volume on Soundtrap? Would it work?’

Adjusting volume scene 42 voice recording on Soundtrap

I later realised that not all of the recordings that I’ve created had volume adjusting problems. However, the process of checking which scenes were fine and which weren’t took a lot of time- sort of like coding. It also turned out that some of the recordings seemed to suddenly cut off and make a very noticeable ‘snap and boom’ sound near the end of the recordings. Again, Garageband seemed fine but proved not on Renderforest. So I had to solve this problem also on Soundtrap. (my process of adjusting the sound using Soundtrap)

Out of all the processes, I definitely felt that the process of recording, uploading and adjusting the audios took the longest time to create. But in the end, it was worth it.

*Note 1: Renderforest is free when you join and make a video that is max. 3minutes long. However, you can’t preview your animation if it’s over 3minutes long for free. In addition to this, if you wanted to voice record and use ‘voiceover’ in your animation, you needed to pay for the subscription plan either monthly or yearly.

*Note 2: Instrumental recordings created on Soundtrap.

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