Part 1- Recording and adding audio

Since this TME project is all about integrating technology, music and education into one, presenting the animation without music was a strong “no go”.

Since I had decided that I wanted 4 different characters in my storyboard, it seemed reasonable to record different vocal tones/ effects for each of my characters. I tried changing my voice from talking in a high pitched to a low pitched voice (I imagined Bulby as a female and Orangy as a male character). However, it didn’t work out as I expected.

I decided to download this app called Voice change- Voice recording (only available on iPhone and iPad users). It seemed like a good app to use as it provided me with a range of vocal options to choose from. However unlike Renderforest, the app wasn’t totally free. To add in voice effects such as child, big guy, robot 1, reverb scary etc. a charge of $24.49/week was needed to be paid before the subscription package. The app did provide a 3 day trial period, however the only effect that could be used was the female voice (high pitch)- which wasn’t much of an option in my case.

App: Voice change- Voice recording

Turning back to Renderforest, I realised that I could voiceover it (record directly from Renderforest). The only downfall with this was that I was unable to tell if the screen and the audio was in sync. Watching the preview was also an option but it was a process that was tedious. So the solutions was:

  1. Record voice on Voice change- Voice recording (then change effects)
  2. Use Airdrop to transfer the recorded files onto my computer

Unfortunately, the ‘voiceover’ in Renderforest could only be recorded scene by scene. This meant that I had to take the longer route by individually recording myself one scene at a time.

Renderforest- can only voiceover scene by scene
Uploaded the recording onto the scene

So imagine this! 55 scenes= recording myself 55 different times. A very long process, which by the way, excludes the process of uploading and adjusting the audios.

Above: iPhone screenshots of the voice recordings that I’ve created and airdropped from the app to my computer

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