Yup! You guessed right! I’ll be making an animation that introduces basic elements of music such as duration (fast/ slow), dynamics (loud/ soft) and pitch (high/ low). Here, I’ve decided to create a elearning resource for children around Kindergarten to year 3 through animation.

But what software am I going to use to make it?

So, these are the websites I’ve searched:

  1. Biteable templates-

At first, the cute graphics captured my attention. However, Biteable seemed like it was more for creators who wanted to promote, market, explain and/ or sell something (like business). Although making an ‘explain’ animation wasn’t a bad idea at the time, I later realised that it actually meant ‘product explainer’ instead of an ‘educational explainer.’ So, it didn’t really work out for me.

2. Animaker templates-

Animaker had a range of templates to choose from. It had Animaker for 2D, Animaker for Whiteboard and Animaker Handcraft etc. What I loved most about this was the Animaker voiceover. However, the voice turned out to be a little monotone for my liking (sounded more like a narrator talking rather than a character speech like effect). In addition to this, there were sooo many things to look at the screen all at once. I wonder, can young children take everything in so quickly and understand what is happening?

3. Animatron-

Animatron was also a great platform to create an animation. It provided a range of educational features and further listed the things I could do with it. However it seemed like it focused too much on the visual aid of the animation rather than the audio, music and visual aspects of the animation.

4. Renderforest-

In the end, Renderforest suited me the best.

First of all, it was free (which is really good for teachers as well as beginners to get started).

It contained a variety of templates to choose from. e.g. explainer video toolkit, whiteboard animation toolkit, educational video toolkit and many more.

Sharing and uploading animations on platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. Although you won’t be asking students to see your animation through Facebook (young students won’t even have facebook), having a worldwide and safe platform such as YouTube is great. Here, students can watch the video easily and at any time of the day.

Now, that I’ve sorted which software I’m using, I just need to make the video and know what I’m going to do!

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