The use of technology in education

Technology in the classroom has become more and more predominant as we sail through the 21st century. Textbooks, worksheets are now gone and instead replaced with tablets, iPads and iMacs in which we can now virtually search up anything with one click or tap of the screen/ mouse! With social media also on the rise, the way we use technology has completely transformed the way we live our lives.

Teachers have also seen firsthand the benefits of technology in the classroom.

But what about the cons? Are you ignoring about the fact that students:

  1. Can get distracted e.g. play games rather than the task at hand
  2. Can get misguided information
  3. Have less social interaction
  4. Can easily cheat by copying and pasting?

No, I’m not disregarding the negatives on the use of technology in the classroom. However, I do believe that technology has brought more benefits into the music classroom rather than for it to be categorised as a harmful thing.

Here are some main points that I think technology has benefited educators and learners in the classroom.

  1. Helps students learn at their own pace

Technology enables students to learn at their own pace. For example, eLearning sites and apps such as LMS and Edmodo are used today for individualised instruction. As a result of this, students can learn at their own pace according to their abilities and needs. This is also beneficial to teachers during class as it gives them time to check each student’s working progress and help students who are struggling individually.

2. Up to date information

Many textbooks are outdated and take months or even years to update their content. So, why have textbooks and hard copy materials when you have technology that has the latest information? Today, we can even share, collaborate with others in real with apps such as Slack.

3. Applicable for life in the real world

With the introduction of technology and the web, memorising facts and vocabulary words have significantly diminished in importance. The push towards critical thinking, problem solving and collaborating in the real world has given rise over just simply knowing facts. With an increasing digital economy, technology is now preparing students to succeed in the future.

In conclusion

Although technology has brought us many advantages in the classroom, I also believe that traditional learning process are just as essential. Integrating a healthy amount of technology into the classroom I think would be more beneficial to students learning. E.g. Scheduling every 2nd week for students to bring their laptops to class. (Found this worked particularly well at my prac school).

Feel free to comment your thoughts below. I would love to hear why/ why not you think technology should be used in the classroom.