Final Provocations- Week 13

So, what have I learnt over the last 13 weeks of this course?

Well, a lot of things. To summarise, we’ve learnt how to:

  • Sequence layers of MIDI and audio data on Soundtrap
  • Produce high quality recordings of acoustic instruments
  • Multi- angle film shoot and edit recordings
  • Create our own resources for students using notation software
  • Create interactive digital media for students to use e.g. iBooks

And we’ve learnt how to apply them into our future teaching careers by making sure that we:

  • Create good work by outstanding use of instructional design
  • Implement music games which teaches students the basic elements of music
  • Use the latest research on learning styles with technology
  • Introduce various music platforms such as synthesisers, loop pedals and other interfaces to students.

Closing statement

TME (Technology in Music Education) has taught me a lot of things regarding how we should teach students, create resources and implement fun music activities in the classroom. The course has also shown me that music technology is not always easy but comes with challenges and effort to create and implement in the classroom for students to use. Now that we’ve come to the end of this course, I can definitely say that I have a greater appreciation to music technology and its application in the music classroom.

Most of all, I’m very glad that the Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney provided this course for all music education students. I don’t know what would’ve become of me if there was no such course like this one.

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