Is technology good for us?- Week 12

This week’s focus was on ‘GTD and living in a digital world without stress’. In other words, “Is technology good for us?”

As like any other debate, we have pros and cons. To list a few:


  • Emergency communication is made easy
  • Quick access to any information
  • Innovation in many fields


  • Personal meetings reduced- social
  • Distraction- lack of productivity
  • Not all families can afford it.

Today, our lecturer Dr. James Humberstone have given us the latest research and tips as to how to deal with technology.

Dr Humberstone opened up his lecture with these words, “the average computer user checks 40 websites per day, switches programs 36 times an hour and changes tasks more than once every 2 minutes.” I was beyond shocked at hearing that. Even more shocked when he told us that this statistic may have raised over the past few years.

Dr. Humberstone summarised another study that was undergone by UC Irvine and the researchers from the U.S. Army, who studied a group of subjects who had access to email cut off and another group who didn’t. It was revealed that the group of people with emails were in a high alert state compared to the group of people with no email, who reported that they felt “more able to do their jobs and stay on tasks.” (Dr. Humberstone, 2019). It also showed that it took “5 days for participants to have more natural, variable heart rates after being cut off from email.” (Dr. Humberstone, 2019). So what does this tell us?

Not only is our level of productivity reduced, but also our well- being is affected by it!

Dr. James Humberstone to the rescue! GTD (getting things done)

So, the one major tip that I’ve learnt from Dr. Humberstone on how to be more effective and productive even while you use technology is…

  1. Wunderlist- an app which helps you focus on what matters! Personally, I found this very similar to the ‘Reminders’ app on iOS devices. Except, Wunderlist could do so many other things such as prioritising tasks, attaching files and most importantly, being able to access it anywhere and everywhere. (Can be used on Windows, Mac OS, Android, iPhone, iPad and on the web).
Wunderlist- Front page

And books that will help us prioritise and focus. (Books that I definitely need to read!)

Yes, I agree that this will help increasing levels of productivity for everyday life and GTD for teachers. But what about the use of technology in education? More specifically, for students to use in the classroom? Is it harmful or helpful? Technology is not really avoidable at school…

Check out my page, ‘The use of technology in education’ from my ‘Thoughts and Discussions page’.


Humberstone, J. (2019). MUED4002 GTD and living in a digital world without digital stress. [Lecture PowerPoint slides]. Retrieved from

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